Avalanche Technology Announces the Commencement of Volume Production of STT-MRAM on 300mm Wafers

Fremont, CA – October 20, 2016 – Avalanche Technology, Inc., has entered into a manufacturing agreement with Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation to begin production of it’s Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM (STT-MRAM) on 300mm wafers at various advanced geometry nodes. Volume production is expected in early 2017 at Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation in Japan to address a wide range of applications for this disruptive non-volatile memory technology.

This partnership with Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation will help the adoption of perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junction (pMTJ)-based STT-MRAM and further validate the widely accepted industry belief that STT-MRAM is the memory technology of choice for a broad spectrum of applications.

“Avalanche is working on breakthrough memory products. As a result, we are able to address a very large non-volatile memory market with a wide range of requirements. STT-MRAM is an ideal solution for markets such as Storage, Automotive, IoT and embedded applications,” said Petro Estakhri, founder and CEO of Avalanche Technology.

“We are pleased to partner with Avalanche Technology on the production of pMTJ based STT-MRAM,” said Toshiyuki Yanase, Representative of Yamagata Technology Center of Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation. “Working with Avalanche Technology, we look forward to manufacturing MRAM products that meet current and future demands in the memory market.”

About Avalanche Technology

Avalanche Technology, headquartered in Fremont, California, is the world leader in STT-MRAM technology. Backed by 229 awarded patents in STT-MRAM technology, circuit, and system design, Avalanche’s STT-MRAM technology and products provide breakthrough speeds, unlimited endurance and non-volatility while reducing power and cost. With these attributes, Avalanche’s STT-MRAM technology will serve and exceed customers’ objectives as a replacement for SRAM, eFlash, and ROM in embedded applications, in addition to discrete SRAM, non-volatile SRAM, NOR and DRAM. Avalanche is currently sampling discrete parts up to 64Mbit to its customers and is now poised to ramp the first pMTJ-based MRAM memory in the industry to production in early 2017. Twitter: @followavalanche