3D Cross Point MRAM Technology

Based on its Perpendicular STT MRAM technology, Avalanche Technology has developed the next generation of stackable MRAM capable of achieving Giga Byte densities at low power. Avalanche Technology has developed a unique two-terminal, bi-directional, volatile threshold switching selector device based on doped-HfOx materials. The selector shows superior performance with extremely high On/Off ratio (above 106), low on-resistance (~1 kΩ) and low threshold voltage (0.25 V).
Based on Avalanche Technology’s MRAM element and the newly developed selector, 1S1R (one selector-one resistor) MRAM cells have been fabricated and characterized. Switching operations between “AP” and “P” resistance state have been demonstrated for 1S1R MRAM cells.

Avalanche’s 3D Cross Point MRAM Technology Attributes

Avalanche’s 3D Cross Point MRAM technology with the performance of DRAM and Non Volatility of Flash memories enables a class of memory where memory arrays are scalable to below 10nm and be stacked to achieve densities from Giga Bytes to Tera Bytes.
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