Avalanche’s breakthrough Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM (STT-MRAM) technology is the next generation high-speed non-volatile magnetic memory. Avalanche’s STT-MRAM memory is based on proprietary perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (pMTJ) cells manufactured on high volume, low cost, standard CMOS 300mm process. As such, Avalanche’s STT-MRAM is well suited and commercially viable memory replacement for many embedded and/or stand-alone DRAM and SRAM applications, including data storage, mobile, wearable devices, and networking equipment.

Avalanche’s first STT-MRAM memory products are 32Mb stand-alone discrete devices with industry standard SPI interface built on a 55nm-node foundry process.

In addition to its stand-alone products, Avalanche is also offering its STT-MRAM technology (AvRAM™) under license as embedded memory for integrated SOC designs.

Avalanche Technology has… “a truly unique and leading technology platform that corners the entire emerging STT-MRAM market with over 245 patents filed and issued in this explosive growing non-volatile global market. Given its high endurance, you can ask any major global DRAM and SRAM manufacturer today, STT-MRAM is sure to be the only long term substitute.” -- Will Stewart, General Partner, Rogers Venture Partners