Avalanche Technology’s Quality Policy

Avalanche’s leading edge technology has been enabling our customers to design more reliable, higher quality products by eliminating the most unreliable parts of the system like Batteries and Super Capacitors whilst enabling new architectures. We have been, are, and will be committed to delivering and enabling the most reliable solutions for our customers. We remain committed to complete customer satisfaction by compliance to standard specifications and continuous process improvement. Our Products shall be on time, with zero defects

Our success depends on us delivering excellent quality, reliability and service to our customers. Our Quality program is integrated into all functional areas and levels of our company. Every Avalanche technology employee is committed to quality and customer satisfaction by following internal process’s followed by listening to the needs to our customers and achieving total customer satisfaction.

Examples of features followed by our design, manufacturing systems to achieve total quality are:

  • Reliability certification of technology development at our foundries
  • Qualification testing internally and by subcontractors before product release to our manufacturing partners
  • Only using ISO9001 certified wafer fabrication, die assembly and test facilities
  • Statistical control of our manufacturer’s output
  • DVT testing and Screening to ensure adherence to product specification before product shipment
  • Continuous improvement of best practices by ongoing reliability monitoring

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