Avalanche Technology Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification, Demonstrating Commitment to Quality Assurance and Technological Excellence.

Avalanche attains designation with zero non-conformities, a rare achievement in the certification process. 

FREMONT, CA, April 15, 2024 —  Avalanche Technology, the leader in next generation MRAM technology, has earned its ISO 9001:2015/Full Design certification effective immediately. The certification reflects Avalanche’s exceptional quality assurance processes. Perry Johnson Registrars, a leading expert in the testing, inspection, and certification sector, conducted the rigorous assessment. Registrar founder Perry L. Johnson is one of the world’s foremost authorities in quality, having written more than 15 manuals covering topics from Total Quality Management to Statistical Process Control and ISO/QS-9000.

The ISO 9001 designation is the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard (QMS), set by the International Organization of Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland. The certification provides a model for companies to build an effective quality management system, and comprises seven Quality Management Principles (QMPs): Customer Focus, Leadership, Engagement of People, Process Approach, Improvement, Evidence-based Decision-making, and Relationship Management.

“It’s gratifying to see the stellar result of our ISO 9001 audit process, whose auditor noted how rare it is for a company to achieve zero non-conformities, such as what Avalanche achieved,” said Petro Estakhri, Avalanche Founder and CEO. “ Our quality program is integrated into all functional areas and levels of Avalanche Technology. As we build the Orbital Internet, every employee shares a commitment to quality, compliance, and communication.”

Avalanche’s approach to achieving high quality includes many disciplines and processes:

  1. Reliability certification of technology development at Avalanche foundries.
  2. Qualification testing internally and by subcontractors prior to product release to manufacturing partners.
  3. Only using ISO 9001 certified water fabrication, die assembly, and test facilities.
  4. Statistical control of manufacturers’ output.
  5. DVT testing and screening to ensure adherence to product specification before releasing for shipment.
  6. Continuous improvement of best practices by ongoing reliability monitoring.

Avalanche leads solution development for Space-specific challenges such as unreliable power, crippling radiation, and the inability to store an infinite amount of data from Internet of Things satellite nodes. The technical complexity in addressing these challenges shows the value of ISO 9001 certification, where quality underscores all development processes. 

For more information on how Avalanche is meeting its commitment to this standard, read about Avalanche’s approach to quality.


About Avalanche

Avalanche Technology is the space technology leader enabling the Orbital Internet. With a proven STT-MRAM portfolio at multiple geometry nodes combined with an intellectual property portfolio of over 300 patents and applications, Avalanche is the only provider of scalable unified memory architecture for industrial, IoT, aerospace and storage applications that are Space-tested and proven. Avalanche’s Perpendicular STT-MRAM technology is the frontrunner to replace traditional Flash and SRAM for unified memory architectures in future SOC systems, delivering high performance and low power with a path to continued scalability. Learn more at avalanche-technology.com. More perspectives from Avalanche include:



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