The Next Generation MRAM Company

Avalanche Technology Inc., headquartered in Fremont, California is the leader in next generation Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM (STT-MRAM) technology, accepted as the front runner to replace traditional Flash, SRAM, and DRAM for unified architecture support in aerospace and defense, industrial, storage and other high reliability applications.

Backed by more than 300+ patents granted around cell, circuit and system design innovation leveraging MRAM, this revolutionary non-volatile memory employs novel perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (pMTJ) cell structures manufactured on 300mm standard CMOS processes. The resulting discrete and embedded products in production today are designed with standard serial and parallel interfaces and offer unprecedented density, endurance, reliability and low power with the persistence and inherent immunity of MRAM technology, making Avalanche a true “Next Generation MRAM Company.”
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3450 West Warren Avenue, Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 897-3300
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