Avalanche Drop-In Replacements for Everspin MRAM Devices

Avalanche Technology has introduced Serial SPI P-SRAM (Persistent SRAM), a drop-in replacement for Everspin Toggle-MRAM products to provide supply chain continuity and flexibility to MRAM customers. The Serial SPI P-SRAM products have industry-standard architecture, interface, features and package options to enable a simple drop-in solution that eliminates costly re-designs of the system. These industrial grade products are based on Avalanche’s industry leading 40-nm Perpendicular Spin Transfer Torque MRAM (STT-MRAM) technology and are a reliable second source to the Everspin MR2xH40 and MR25H10 products. STT-MRAM lends itself to smaller, more-scalable and lower-power memory cells compared to Toggle-MRAM. Consequently STT-MRAM based products are lower-power and smaller in size compared to equivalent Toggle-MRAM products.

This new series of Serial P-SRAM devices is offered with a standard SPI interface operating at up to 50MHz clock rate in 1Mb and 4Mb density options, in two packages – 8-pin SOIC and 8-pin WSON. In addition to providing supply chain continuity, the Serial SPI P-SRAM products also offer customers an ability to future proof their designs. This series includes products with 8Mb and 16Mb density options which will be available to customers by the end of Q4 2020. Table 1 shows a comparison of features of Everspin SPI MRAM and Avalanche Serial SPI P-SRAM devices.

Feature Everspin




Family Serial Serial
Technology Toggle MRAM STT-MRAM
Density 4Mbit, 1Mbit 4Mbit, 1Mbit
Voltage – VCC 3.0 to 3.6V 2.7 to 3.6V
Interface SPI SPI
Bus Width x1 x1
Mode 0,3 0,3
Frequency (MHz max) 50 (SDR) 50 (SDR)
Endurance1 Unlimited* 1014
Data Retention (yrs) >20 >20
Standby Current 650mA 160mA
Deep Power Down Current 15mA 5mA
Active Read Current – (1-1-1) @ 50MHz 13.8mA 8mA
Active Write Current – (1-1-1) @ 50MHz 46.5mA 14mA
Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C
-40°C to +85°C
-40°C to +105°C
Package 8-WSON / 8-DFN / 8-DFN Small Flag

Table 1. Everspin vs Avalanche Feature Comparison

Notes: Everspin does not list actual endurance number. All MRAM devices have a finite number of write cycles. “Unlimited” is typically in reference to other non-volatile memories such as NOR or NAND Flash with endurances of 10to 10program/erase cycles.

Table 2 shows direct replacements for Everspin devices. Designers looking for more information can start with the device datasheet and migration application note. This collateral can be downloaded through the links in the table.

Everspin Device

Avalanche Replacement Device Data Sheet

Migration Application Note

MR20H40CDF AS3004401-0050X0IWAY 1Mb-16Mb Serial SPI MRAM AN000013
MR20H40CDFR AS3004401-0050X0IWAR
MR25H40DF AS3004401-0050X0IWAY
MR25H40DFR AS3004401-0050X0IWAR
MR25H40CDC AS3004401-0050X0IWAY
MR25H40CDCR AS3004401-0050X0IWAR
MR25H40CDF AS3004401-0050X0IWAY
MR25H40CDFR AS3004401-0050X0IWAR
MR25H40VDF AS3004401-0050X0PWAY
MR25H40VDFR AS3004401-0050X0PWAR
MR25H10CDC AS3001401-0050X0IWAY AN000014
MR25H10CDCR AS3001401-0050X0IWAR
MR25H10CDF AS3001401-0050X0IWAY
MR25H10CDFR AS3001401-0050X0IWAR

Table 2. Avalanche Replacements for Everspin Devices

1Mb and 4Mb Serial SPI P-SRAM samples are available now, contact us HERE to get your qualification started.

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