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Avalanche’s Persistent SRAM (P-SRAM™) is non-volatile memory utilizing advanced STT-MRAM with simplified SRAM compatible read/write timings and no need for wait states or wear leveling as the data is immediately available when written. Architected for high reliability and radiation resilience, the products on this page and the pin-compatible extended qualification and screening options are ideal for high reliability applications such as aerospace and defense.

Space Grade family – Device Functionality:

  • Gen 2 offerings shown below are available in Parallel interface (x8/x16) and Quad Serial Interface (QSPI).
  • Gen 3 leverages an advanced 22nm process and a high density 1Gb MRAM die, stacked to achieve the device densities:
    • Industry leading device density (1 to 8Gb), low power (50mA/Gb active), and write cycle endurance (1016)
    • Offered in:
      • 32-bit Parallel interface with a high bandwidth streaming mode option
      • Dual QSPI Serial interface, optimized for rapid, reliable configuration of advanced SoCs and FPGAs.
    • Flexible yet robust write protection support provides terrestrial design simplicity vs legacy memory
    • Support for multiple mission images è true in situ adaptability, software-defined satellites

Avalanche’s Gen 3 has become the optimal choice to replace traditional Flash and SRAM for unified memory architectures in next gen, SWaP-optimized satellite systems, from Earth to Mars!

Space Grade family - Qualification & Screening:

  • Leverages a JEDEC qualification and screening flow
  • Is optimized for value and targeted to the technology
  • Representative radiation and qualification reports are provided by request
  • Does not provide guaranteed radiation performance or lot-specific data.

Parallel x32 (Gen 3)

Densities1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb
Voltages3.0V (2.70V to 3.60V)
Package142-ball FBGA
Temperature RangesSpace-Grade (-40°C to 125°C)

Serial D-QSPI (Gen 3)

Densities1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb
Voltages3.0V (2.70V to 3.60V)
Package96-ball FBGA
Temperature RangesSpace-Grade (-40°C to 125°C)
Densities64Mb, 128Mb
Voltages3.0V (2.70V to 3.60V)
Package56-ball FBGA
Temperature RangesSpace-Grade (-40°C to 125°C)
– Testing, Analysis & Reporting conducted by independent third parties

Serial QSPI (Gen 1)

Densities4Mb, 8Mb
Voltages1.8V (1.70V to 2.00V)
Package8-pin WSON, 16-pin SOIC
Temperature RangesSpace-Grade (-40°C to 105°C)

Serial QSPI (Gen 2)

Voltages1.8V (1.71V to 2.00V)
3.0V (2.70V to 3.60V)
Package8-pin WSON, 8-pin SOIC
Temperature RangesSpace-Grade (-40°C to 125°C)

Parallel x16 (Gen 2)

Densities16Mb, 32Mb, 64Mb
Voltages3.0V (2.70V to 3.60V)
Package48-ball FBGA
Temperature RangesSpace-Grade (-40°C to 125°C)

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