Discrete MRAM

Avalanche discrete MRAM products employ fast QSPI interface with no write delay. Featuring high clock speeds of up to 108MHz in Single Data Rate (SDR) or up to 54MHz in Double Data Rate (DDR), the Avalanche discrete QSPI MRAM products are designed to meet the growing demands of highly reliable, superior endurance, fast random access, and ultra-low power requirements for non-volatile working and program memory.

Discrete MRAM Key Attributes:

  • Byte Addressability – Unlike NOR flash or NAND flash memory which accesses data in pages or blocks, Avalanche SPI & QSPI MRAM products are byte addressable. This feature greatly reduces system-level design complexity eliminating the need for device drivers, and improves both performance and power.
  • Ultra-Low Power – Unlike SRAM, MRAM cells have no leakage in standby mode, and consume significantly low power in active mode.  Avalanche’s energy efficient, SPI MRAM products enable portable consumer devices to achieve longer battery life.
  • Unlimited Endurance – Avalanche’s Perpendicular Spin Torque Transfer MRAM technology enables our SPI & QSPI MRAM product to achieve, among other attributes, indefinite write endurance.  This feature makes Avalanche SPI & QSPI MRAM products an ideal memory solution for data logging in IoT, consumer, industrial and storage applications.

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