NASA PEMS INST-0001 Solutions

Qualified Encapsulated Devices (QED)

Avalanche’s QED Family of Persistent SRAM (P-SRAM™) is the same non-volatile memory utilizing advanced pMTJ technology as our Gen 3 Space Grade family but with an enhanced qualification and screening flow. Subject to the NASA PEMS INST-0001 standard, these devices are offered in:

  • Plastic encapsulated microcircuits, screened and qualified to the NASA electrical, electronic and electromechanical instructions.
  • Pin compatible densities from 1Gb to 8Gb; and to the Space Grade family.
  • 100% fully screened, qualified DPA for each unique wafer lot.
  • Each qualified lot has a summary report and a complete data pack available.
QED Serial D-QSPI 96-ball 1-8Gb FBGA
QED Serial D-QSPI 224-ball 1-8Gb FBGA
QED Serial D-QSPI 56-ball 64-128Mb FBGA
QED Parallel x-32 142-ball 1-8Gb FBGA
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