In this video, EYE on NPI reviews Renesas-IDT’s MRAM devices based on Avalanche’s leading-edge MRAM technology.

“The core of Avalanche’s STT-MRAM cell is a proprietary perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (p-MTJ) element which includes a magnetic fixed layer, a dielectric barrier layer and a changeable ferromagnetic storage layer. The magnetic orientation of the fixed layer is fixed during the manufacturing process. During a programming operation, the magnetic orientation of the storage layer is electrically switched from a parallel state (low resistance state “0”) to an antiparallel state (high resistance state “1”), or vice versa, depending on the current direction through the p-MTJ element. Two distinct resistance states can thus be realized for data storage and sensing. The structure of the p-MTJ element can be tailored for different performance specs and application needs.”

Read our press release on Avalanche’s collaboration with IDT HERE.