Internet of Things

We have seen many technical and business revolutions in the computer industry.

The first was the replacement of the dumb terminal by the intelligent capable personal computers, which enabled the Internet by its rich graphics user interface and local processing.

The second was the mobile revolution which took off by the introduction of the smartphones capable of computing the edge.

We are in the early stages of a third revolution. IoT (Internet of Things) has been on the cusp of a major growth cycle. At its early stage people looked at IoT as a connected sensor or sensors (Sensor Fusion processors combined the data from many sensors and logged it for transmission to the cloud in burst to conserve energy). The data was sent to the cloud for analytics and logistics tracking. The ability to process the collected data at the edge (Edge Computing) combined with Artificial intelligence (facial recognition, language processing, collision avoidance, etc.) at the IoT node to reduce latency and unnecessary data transmission will transform our understanding of what an IoT node is and fuel the growth of sophisticated applications at the edge. The increased efficiency of local processing, reduced cost for connectivity, reduced need for cloud storage and data analytics will deliver value to the consumer and operators alike.

The next generation of compute capable, intelligent IoT nodes will rely on the integration of the “Next Generation MRAM” from Avalanche Technology that delivers the needed high performance unified memory architecture.
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