Avalanche Technology partners with LinearASICs on Chiplets for its Space Grade MRAM products

LinearASICs will develop chiplets as companion devices for Avalanche’s 1Gb Space Grade MRAM products

Fremont, California, September 20, 2021 – Avalanche Technology, the leader in next generation MRAM technology, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with LinearASICs Inc., to develop companion chiplets (http://www.opencompute.org) to offer a complete portfolio of Space Grade products with SPI and DDR interfaces, based on Avalanche’s 1Gb Space Grade MRAM.

Under the terms of the agreement, LinearASICs, will provide standalone serial interface chiplets such as Octal SPI “OSPI”, as well as standard memory interface chiplets such as DDR. These chiplets will be available as standalone devices or integrated modules through Avalanche.

“We are excited to collaborate with the world-class design team at LinearASICs to speed up the introduction of our complete family of Space Grade products. By using the chiplet strategy with one common interface we can introduce two new families of products, re-use interface blocks and reduce development time from years to months” said Danny Sabour, VP of Sales and Marketing at Avalanche.

“We are pleased that Avalanche recognized LinearASICs’ design capabilities, and partnered with us to design their Space Grade chiplets,” said Mike Ward, CEO of LinearASICs, “We have a long history of customer-driven ASIC development projects and are looking forward to collaborating with Avalanche to design and deliver cutting-edge products to the Space industry.”

About Avalanche Technology

Avalanche Technology Inc. is the leader in next generation Perpendicular STT-MRAM technology, accepted as the front-runner to replace traditional Flash and SRAM for unified memory architectures in future SOC systems, delivering high performance and low power at 55, 40, 28 and 22nm, with scalability to 14nm. With a proven STT-MRAM portfolio at multiple geometry nodes combined with an intellectual property portfolio of over 300 patents and applications, Avalanche Technology is delivering on the promise of enabling the next generation of scalable embedded unified memory architecture for use in GPUs, MCUs, DSPs, ASSPs and ASICs, making it the true “Next Generation MRAM Company”. For more information, visit us online at https://www.avalanche-technology.com.

About LinearASICs Inc.

LinearASICs Inc., has more than 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom Analog & Mixed-Signal ASICs and has an extensive IP library to draw upon. With a mission to get our customer’s idea’s designed and manufactured as their own custom ASIC as fast and cost-effectively as possible, providing complete turn-key ASIC solution from concept to volume production or design through prototype depending upon the need. LinearASICs Inc., can serve as a virtual IC design team systematically refining ideas through the various stages of integrated circuit realization. For more information, visit us online at https://LinearASICs.com.

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