Storage Partners

A partner to the US trusted program, is delivering the base block in any storage subsystem by providing a customizable solution based on the familiar APX form factor. Known for delivering high reliability semiconductor and electronics assemblies to the Space community, they are now providing a Resilient Space Immune Data buffer in densities of 4-8GB. Please visit to find out how they can help you create new high reliability solutions

Providers of full suite of exquisite, space qualifies systems and subsystems across LEO, EMO, and GEO staelliets has partnered up with Avalanche Technology to provide MRAM based data buffers for use in their sub-systems. Specializing in Class A National Systems they can provide a complete solution that scales to highest Earth orbit. Please visit to find out how they can help you maximize TTM and achieve the best SWAP profile for your mission

A leading provider of storage sub-systems in the space and radiation-intensive environments has partnered up with the leader in High Density Space Grade Storage class Memory solution “Avalanche-Technology” to provide storage subsystems from GigaBytes to Tera bytes comprehending the needs of Long Haul Missions with Multi year survivability in Space. Please visit to find out how they can help you build storage solutions from Gbytes to TeraBytes.

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