Avalanche Technology Supporting Innovation for European Space Community with Partner Protec GmbH at Space-Comm Expo

New High-Density MRAM Solutions Highlighted at upcoming September Conference in the United Kingdom

Fremont, California, August 29, 2022 – Avalanche Technology, the leader in next generation MRAM technology will demonstrate its support of the European Space Community, along with its valued channel partner, Protec GmbH, at the upcoming Space-Comm Expo, a new trade exhibition showcasing the commercial future of space for business, defense, and aerospace. This strategically important event showcases the manufacturing supply chain for products, services and solutions supplying commercial enterprises and developments in space. Organized by Hub Exhibitions, in partnership with Farnborough International, Space-Comm Expo takes place on 7-8 September 2022 at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre in the United Kingdom, and is supported by ADS, KTN, UK Space Agency, ESA and UK Space.

As defense and commercial space missions continue to increase, driven by ample geopolitical and environmental threats, increased collaboration is critical to bolster the pace of innovation to a rate closer to that of terrestrial technologies. Leveraging high-reliability STT MRAM technology that has overcome generational barriers of susceptibility and scalability, Avalanche’s Gen 3 Space Grade MRAM-based solutions are being validated by the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and Commercial Space ecosystem to realize the promise of MRAM. Based on its unique high-reliability, high endurance (1016 write cycles), high density (1Gb to 8Gb options available today), and low power (10mA per 1Gb), combined with inherent radiation resilience, these Gen 3 Space Grade devices support Unified Memory Architectures, enabling simplified and optimized board designs.

“As a trusted supplier to the European Space Community, Protec GmbH immediately recognized the value proposition of Avalanche’s Space Grade MRAM portfolio to help alleviate critical gaps in memory technology to keep up with the needs of modern satellite missions,” said Danny Sabour, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Avalanche Technology. “Simply put, with memory density needs increasing while non-volatile device densities have remained largely stagnant, our Gen 3 Space Grade devices provide 128x the density at 4.5% the power of legacy space devices and at a fraction of the cost. It is no wonder that customers are repeatedly telling us that they are a game changer. We are delighted to work with Protec GmbH to bring these solutions to the vibrant community at Space-Comm Expo.”

“Foundational to our charter as a longstanding provider of microelectronics to the high-rel and space industry within the UK and Europe, we continue to embrace opportunities to invest in in this community and allow us and our partners to showcase valuable solutions,” said Christian Mayer, General Manager at Protec GmbH. “Based on some of the challenges our customers face in supporting the high transaction requirements of advanced processors and FPGAs running critical AI and ML algorithms with sufficiently dense, high endurance and radiation resilient memory technologies, Avalanche’s space-grade solutions are enabling a new wave of innovation.”

Avalanche Gen 3 Persistent SRAM

The Gen 3 Parallel and Dual-QSPI MRAM-based Persistent SRAM device series is offered as a space grade product in various density options from 1Gb to 8Gb, and has asynchronous SRAM-compatible read/write timings. Data is always non-volatile with our industry leading 1016 write cycle endurance. Both sets of interface options are available in small footprint FBGA packages that are sub-0.70 grams. The devices are offered in extended (-40°C to 125°C) operating temperature range with a JEDEC qualification flow, where every device goes through a 48-hour burn in before being shipped to customers. Additional qualification screening options are available through partners.

More Information

More information about Avalanche P-SRAM products is available at https://www.avalanche- technology.com/products/discrete-mram/space/.
More information about Space-Comm Expo 2022 is available at https://www.space-comm.co.uk/.

About Avalanche Technology

Avalanche Technology Inc. is the leader in the next generation Perpendicular STT-MRAM technology, accepted as the front-runner to replace traditional Flash and SRAM for unified memory architectures in future SOC systems, delivering high performance and low power at 55, 40, 28 and 22nm with scalability to 14nm. With a proven STT-MRAM portfolio at multiple geometry nodes combined with an intellectual property portfolio of over 300 patents and applications, Avalanche Technology is delivering on the promise of enabling the next generation of scalable embedded unified memory architecture for use in GPUs, MCUs, DSPs, ASSPs and ASICs, making it the true “Next Generation MRAM Company”. For more information, visit us online at https://www.avalanche-technology.com.

About Protec GmbH

Protec GmbH was founded in 1976 and is successful in the sales of electronic components for high reliability markets including Space, Military, Avionics and High Temperature. Their modern warehouse is equipped with a critical ESD protection system and guarantees reliable component supply. With Protec GmbH’s design-in and market-orientated expertise, they are providing long term support for high reliability applications, programs and customers on the European continent. Through a combined distributor and rep strategy, Protec is an extension of manufacturing partners on their comprehensive linecard, prioritizing long term, successful partnerships with its customers and manufacturers. For more information, visit us online at https://www.protec-semi.de.

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