Avalanche Technology solutions solve your problems from the smallest Internet of Things device fit for a mission critical industrial system, to the most robust future-proof designs fit for a space mission. Our devices allow the old fixed-function systems to be replaced by field upgradable systems. This evolution in functionality comes from simplifying the system architecture, which in turn allows system designers to optimize their product offerings to fit their specific applications.


The space radiation environment leads to extremely harsh operating conditions for on-board electronics. Avalanche is developing highly reliable, radiation-hardened P-SRAM products that are designed to operate successfully in the harsh environment of space.


Our easy to use byte addressable non-volatile memories with perfect data retention, symmetrical read/write performance are the perfect drop in solution where critical data in motion needs to be logged in case of system failure.

Internet of Things

With today’s need to enable powerful Internet of Things nodes that perform a variety of edge processing tasks, Avalanche’s Unified memory architecture with low power helps create a scalable embedded solution with software that moves from one solution to the next.


At the system level Avalanche’s symmetric read/write high performance memories solves the bottle neck to the slower storage devices. Our higher density devices act as the bridge between high performance computing devices and slow data storage systems.
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